Evergreen P&C Coverage Summary | We Protect Against Everything Your Business Might Typically Face as a Cyber Threat

What do our cyber insurance policies cover?

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Basic vs Comprehensive Plan Comparison Basic Plan Comprehensive Plan
Annual Aggregate Limit of Liability
Per Business Annual Aggregate Limit
$250,000 $1,000,000
Estimated Annual Revenue Estimated Annual Revenue
Retention (deductible)
None $2,500
Policy Form -
admitted basis and primary over other insurance that is designed excess over this insurance
Full Prior Acts Full Prior Acts
Privacy Regulation –
state, federal and foreign identity theft (GDPR) and privacy protection statutes and regulations associated with the care, custody and control or use of financial, medical or other sensitive information (PII data)
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Regulatory Loss –
fines and penalties including PCI that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of a covered breach of PII data
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Forensic Investigation and Legal Expense –
systems investigation and legal services to comply with mandatory requirements associated with the breach
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Crisis Management (24X7) –
providing compliance with privacy laws including: preparation and distribution of notices advising those persons whose PII data may have been breached – call center, specific website for breached persons
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Fraud Response Expenses -
Identity and credit monitoring services or identity theft insurance for one year
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Public Relations Expense –
public relations firm or law firm to explain the nature of the breach and corrective action taken
imgIncluded imgIncluded
Data Recovery Expense –
necessary costs to recover and restore an Insured Entity’s data backup of electronic data
imgIncluded ($10,000 sub-limit) imgIncluded
Ransomware –
coverage against insertion of malware by a third party perpetrator or funds paid to the perpetrators to end the attack
imgIncluded ($10,000 sub-limit) imgIncluded
Social Engineering Fraud –
fraudulent transfer instructions
imgIncluded ($10,000 sub-limit) imgIncluded ($100,000 sub-limit)
Telecommunication Fraud –
charges and fees incurred due to unauthorized and fraudulent use of telephone, fax, or data transmission services
imgIncluded ($10,000 sub-limit) imgIncluded ($100,000 sub-limit)
e-Theft Endorsement –
electronic transfer of money beyond the businesses’ control
imgIncluded ($100,000 sub-limit) imgIncluded ($100,000 sub-limit)
Website Media Liability –
defamation, violation of privacy, copyright infringement and misrepresentation
imgNot Included imgIncluded
Business Interruption –
the income loss sustained during a period of restoration because of a system disruption
imgNot Included imgIncluded
Coverage Territory –
where legally permissible and claim payments available in local currency
Worldwide Worldwide
Ineligible Size Businesses
Businesses that annually process >$6mm payment card transaction with VISA and/or MasterCard Eligible businesses < $50mm in annual revenue
Ineligible Business Classes
PCI Level 1 excluded Banks, Credit Unions, Payment Processors, Gambling Organizations, Online Adult Industry, Social Media Networking Firms, Cloud Providers, Federal and State Government Agencies, Municipalities, Franchises, Cryptocurrency, Marijuana Dispensaries
Insurance Provider
AXIS Rated A+ AM Best AXIS Rated A+ AM Best
This is a brief coverage summary.
The actual policies with endorsements should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions, limitations, retentions and exclusions.